About WeLink

WeLink is a global manufacturing and project management driven company. We locate in China, serve customers all over the world. By 2018, WeLink have owned 6 factories ( LeiShi Prototypes Factory, BeiNuo Rapid Tooling Factory, JinZhong Tooling Factory, AoKe Die Casting Factory, JiaHua Rubber/Silicone Factory, JinJin Metal Stamping Factory ). We supply both inhouse and outsourcing manufacturing servises with strict quality control system. Based on strong supply chain system and quality control system, we work closely with our suppliers, and keep adding value for our customers. Our manufacturing solutions include: Product Design, Prototyping, Tooling, Production, Assembly, Packing, Shipping. We help you any manufacturing projects successful in China.

Rapid Prototyping China

Why WeLink

1. One-stop Manufacturing

WeLink has 6 factories to make all main mechanical parts, these processes include rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, export tooling, plastic injection molding, die casting, metal stamping and silicone/rubber parts.

2. Lower Price

WeLink’s marketing policy is alway “Small profits but quick turnover” to get more market share. Under this guide, 10%~15% gross profit is taken, 10%~20% lower than other China manufacturers, 40%~50% lower than Europe and America manufacturers.