Rapid Tooling & Rapid Prototyping

WeLink named as it’s excellent Rapid Tooling services in past 10+ years, and serves 100+ global clients. Our rapid tooling and prototype molding services is trusted by very shot lead time, quality parts, low tooling cost and multiple solutions.

Silicone Tooling – For prototype stage. Low volume 10-50 pieces per mold, can make several molds to get 100-500 pieces, lead time 3-5 days.

Aluminium Tooling – For prototpye, low volume production. Low volume 500-2,000 pieces for ideal. This process offers more scope for modifying tooling later if required. Lead time 3-7 days.

P20 or 1.1730 Steel Tooling – For low-medium volume production.Low-medium volume 1,000-10,000 pieces. semi-automatic or automatic injection molding based on quantity, semi-automatic save tooling cost 50%. Lead time 3-7 days.

Rapid Tooling China

Manufacturing Services

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing SLA/SLS/SLM high precision industrial printer 50+, good surface finishing,1500mm whole printing; CNC Machining 3/4/5 Axis; Vacuum Casting as big as 1400mm, Sheet Metal and low volume production CNC machining & turning China.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Rapid Tooling

Rapid prototype tooling via aluminum 7075 mold or soft steel 1.1730, 1.2311 to quick produce a small batch plastic or metal parts. Very short lead time rapid tooling in 3-7 days and rapid molding 1-3 days. Shared mold base and 50%-60% cost saved.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Mold Making

High quality HASCO/DME global standards injection mold, casting die or stamping die, over-mold & insert-mold. Injection mold life from 100K to 1M, Aluminum casting die mold file from 60K to 100K, Stamping mold life 1M-10M shoots.

Plastic Injection Molding

Injection Molding

30+ plastic injection molding machines from 100T to 500T. Full automation and full-course quality control. Apt at common ABS,PC,PP, POM etc as well as completely transparent PMMA or PS materials,tow-color over-molding and metal insert molding.

Die Casting

Die Casting

Aluminum alloy die casting and Zinc alloy die casting, high precision die casting parts in automotive, lighting, electronic, medical devices and industrial etc. Complete post-process and surface finishing like anodizing, sand blasting, plating etc.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Metal Stamping

Precision metal stamping for single-process die, composite die and progressive die. Materials include aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, steel sheet, copper sheet etc. Process optimization and efficient working to reduce the cost.


At end of 2018, WeLink helped us to make 32 sets of plastic injection molds and sent to our Spain & Panama factories. Molds were good quality and ran well. Thanks to Jack’s team, they are so professional.

Marc Barcelo, Tooling Manager

I always prefer to purchase rapid prototypes from WeLink. Why? They have outstanding advantage at rapid tooling, when I need 100-500 pieces to test, they deliver in 1 week and save 50% cost. I trust them, so I purchase everything from them.

Nehal Mody, Meanical Engineer
Low-Volume Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping China

Rapid Manufacturing China or Rapid Prototyping China is a core and superior service in WeLink. The main technologies include 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting and Sheet metal. Our 3D printing shop has 50+ SLA industrial printers, max whole print 1,400mm length part, 10+ SLS printers and 5 SLM printers. We have 50+ 3/4/5 axis CNC milling machines, 1/3 of them are imported from Japain and Germany. Vacuum Casting could make a whole part as big as 1,000mm. Sheet metal is precision and good surface finishing. We can not only make precision and quality prototype parts, but also can support client with assembly and test.We can provide many kinds of surface finishing, so no matter function prototypes or appearance prototypes, WeLink is always a good choice.

Rapid Prototyping

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Low-Volume CNC Machining & Turning As one of our core services, WeLink is equipped with 50+ CNC milling machines and 30+ CNC turning machines to meet our clients’ low volume CNC machining requests. Our frequently-used metal includes Alumium 7075 -T6, 6061; SS316, SS304, etc. and support with nutural, color or hard anodizing etc surface finishing. Tolerance can meet ISO 2768-f, ISO 2768-m, ISO 2768-mK.

Low-Volume Injection Molding This is a feature service in WeLink. We make prototype tooling or prototype mold using fast-made metal like 7075 or 1.1730 to finish mold in 3-7 days then injection molding 500-1000 units plastic parts in 1-3 days.

Low-volume manufacturing in WeLink has very good timing and pricing advantages. Each project we make 1-3 samples to send to client to confirm the dimensions, tolerences and surface quality. During production, our QC fully check up the first 10 units and make at least 20% sampling ratio. In this way, we promise quality delivery each time.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

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About Us

WeLink provides Rapid Tooling, Rapid Molding, Rapid Prototyping, Low-Volume Manufacturing, Custom Mold Components, Injection Tooling, Plastic Injection Molding, Die Casting, as well as Metal Stamping Services from Shenzhen & Dongguan China to global clients. WeLink is a global manufacturing and project management driven company. We are located in China, but serve slients all over the world. By 2018, WeLink has 6 contract manufacturing factories and more supply chains. Our services include both Low-volume manufacturing and mass production. We supply global clients good quality, cost-effective and excellent services.

Low-Volume Manufacturing


One-stop manufacturing

Our services almost cover all mechanical manufacturing: rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, plastic injection molding, die casting, metal stamping, silicone & rubber parts. In mechanical parts, we make you products from ideal to mass production. For you, save time to develop and discuss with multi suppliers.

Quality, Fast, Cheap

At WeLink, we are proud of quality and cheap. How can we realize that? The secret is fast turnover and accuracy control. Fast is the blood here. We get profits cause we have 2-3 units more turnover than our competitors in same period. In same quality, we save 20%-30% cost and less time.

Focus makes Profession

Not a factory makes everything, WeLink makes different processes in different factories. WeLink has 6 factories respectively for Rapid prototyping, Rapid tooling, Mold Making, Injection molding, Die casting and Metal stamping. Each factory focus on its field and with 10+ years experience.