Die Casting

Die Casting is one of WeLink main services, it is born in the early years when WeLink was built. After 10 years developping, WeLink has rich experience in Aluminum Alloy & Zinc Alloy Die Casting. We make die casting molds and parts for Automotive, Industrial, Door-Window, Bathroom, Kitchen and more products.

Die Casting China

WeLink Die Casting Solutions

Die casting machine: Hot-chamber (Zn) 88T-350T, Cold-chamber (Al) 160-800T

Normal part material: ADC12, ADC10, ADC6, Zamak 3, other material per customer’s request

Finishing Options: shot-blasting, powder coating, ED-coating, plating, oil painting, etc

WeLink can construct tooling in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from simple parts to the complex geometry. With our comprehensive tool and die making capabilities, we can provide single and multi-cavity dies, as well as complete interchangeable cavities for standardization and repeatability in large multiple die programs.

The experience in WeLink Die Casting Team is the most precious and warranted for both success and lower cost. The most appropriate materials, die design, DFM, tech and process are the keys why WeLink has been trusted by Kin Long for decades of years.