SLA 3D Printing Used in Jewelry Production

3d printed jewelry model

3D Printing has widely use in modern industry. SLA 3D printing technology changed the vacuum casting process because of it’s cheap and fast speciality. In the past, a cnc machined prototype or model was used for the base model to copy the solicone mold, but now it is a SLA printed moldel. Today we will introduce how SLA used in jewelry production.

Last month, Welink get a order from a China moissante jewelry manufacturer (moissn), we were request to make a small 3D printed moldel tree to take the place of wax tree( base moldel). The printed tree model would be used to copy the silicone mold, then the silicone mold to cast more wax trees. Finally the wax trees casted a number of sliver or brass jewelry( ring). Check more about moissanite rings OEM ODM here.

How welink helps? In traditional technology, the base moldel is made of wax that manual sculpture by a engraver, that’s inefficient and imprecise. With SLA printing technilogy, a jewelry won’t hire any engraver that save cost wthile improve efficiency and precision.

Below it’s a video that record and exlplain the complete processes to use 3D printed model to make jewelry production.

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