WeLink Metal Stamping

Always clients can benefit from WeLink quality and cost-effective metal stamping die or parts. In last 10+ years, we make high quality HASCO & DME standards stamping dies to global clients. We are one-stop metal stamping manufacturer in China, providing progressive die, compound die and single-process die.

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The types of Metal Stamping

  • Progressive Die

Progressive die refers to the die that the press completes multiple processes at the same time in several different positions in one stroke. Punched parts are formed step by step in a continuous die. Continuous forming is a concentrated process method that enables various processes such as trimming, notching, grooving, punching, plastic deformation, and blanking to be completed on a pair of molds. According to the actual needs of stamping parts, a number of stamping processes (called stations in the progressive die) are arranged in a certain order for continuous stamping. It can not only complete the blanking process, but also complete the forming process and even the assembly process. Many complex stamping parts that require multiple process stamping can be completely formed on a pair of molds, which provides favorable conditions for high-speed automatic stamping. It can be seen that the continuous die is a punching die with many stations and high efficiency.

progressive die

  • Compound Die

The compound die refers to a die structure in which a punch press completes multiple processes such as blanking and punching in one stroke. Compound die can manufacture large parts. Compared with single-process die, it can reduce the number of dies and improve stamping efficiency. In addition, reasonable compound mold design can also reduce mold cost.

compound die

  • Single-process Die

Single-process die refers to a die with only one station and only one procedure. It can be divided into punching die, bending die, drawing die, turning die and shaping die. Single-process molds make mold manufacture simple, easy to maintain, and can manufacture large parts. The disadvantage is that a complex part may require dozens of sets of single-process molds.

single-operation die

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